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Most of the immigrants and people who live far away from their family face a dilemma if they were close enough physically to take care of the health of their aging parents. Staying away from home is not easy. Moreover, the career choices that most of us make leave us with fewer opportunities to acknowledge and appreciate the care and love our parents gave us when we were young.

Technology has indeed shrunk the whole world into a small village making the physical distance from loved ones no longer a hindrance to take care of them. You try your best to financially support your parents to keep them happy. But just financial aid might still make them miss the care and attention you would provide if you lived with them.

‘Wellwishers’ understands that you try your best to make your aging parents mentally and emotionally happy. Hence, we are here to provide a one-stop solution to all these problems through a unique app (coming soon) based platform, wherein you can ensure proper attention and the best of the medical care for your loved ones at your fingertips even when you aren’t around. On the other hand, your parents will no longer have to go through the cumbersome process to schedule, attend, and interpret the test results and next steps after their medical appointments on their own. The app (coming soon) enables you to track, record, control and monitor the medical care that your loved ones are receiving back home. It allows you to

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to this cause since we are aware that each one in this growing world, wants to achieve their goals and dreams but at the same time, end up worrying about balancing their emotional and mental relationship with their family. We work dedicatedly towards making this possible for every dreamer while we focus on

Increasing Awareness

Medical attention has to be given immediately to people when it is required. Wellwishers aims to increase awareness about the need for constant medical aid and special care to ageing parents or near and dear ones. Our motto is to help people keep their family happy whilst working or studying far away with the help of our modern technology and privileged benefits. 


We aim to educate people about how the latest innovations and technology can help in making family lives easier for people living far away without having to sacrifice their biggest dreams. Wellwishers is here to support your near and dear ones just the way you would if you were with them. 


Wellwishers offers you great services to make your life easier and stress lesser at amazing package pricing. This way, you be worry-free and focus on your career without burning a hole in your pocket. Together, with compassion and care, we will make sure your family receives the attention they need when you are not around.


We understand that choosing between family and passion can be difficult and mentally torturous. Hence Wellwishers is here with the best of services to ease your pressure. We make sure special care is given to your near and dear ones just the way you would if you were with them. 

Medical Testing

Routine Medical Testing is an important part of to keep your family healthy when you are not around. It is a gesture of compassion and care. Hence we make sure this facility is available to our subscribers at all times. Be it any kind of medical help that your family needs, Wellwishers has your back. Rest assured they will only get the best health services.